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Spring 429 AA (After the Arrival)

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For over 400 years the Order of Eight has led the Displaced across the world, after saving them from the armies that forced them from their home world of Els'tar. Everyone thought Karenth would be safe. But as the Displaced began to explore the lands and settle it, they realized they were not the first people to have occupied these lands, nor were they the only residents. For hidden beneath the young beginnings of the new civilization lies something dark and forbodding, and not all intentions are just.   Ruins of past civilizations dot the landscape in remote areas. Ruins that are so old. But who built them, why are the people gone, and what was left behind? Amazing wonders have been found, and great magics. Much is still hidden beneath the remanants left by time.   Even after 400 years of exploration, little is known of the world and its past. Numerous archaelogical artifacts and relics of the past have been uncovered, but so much more lies hidden under the sediments of time and dirt.   Welcome to Karenth! Lands begging to be explored by the brave and adventuresome. Lands that hold secrets beneath their surface taunting the curious and the scholarly alike.

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