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War with the Dragon Lords

Once the Order of Eight had returned to Els'tar after their first foray to the plane, they spent a great deal of time figuring out how best to make use of the world of Karenth and what would be needed. The most important piece would be the man power to explore the area.   As such, the Order came up with a scheme to lead all of their followers out of Els'tar to Karenth. However they knew that few of the followers would do so willingly so they set in motion a plan to entice other parties to begin attacking the borders of the lands controlled by the Order. This became a teaser for the Dragon Lords who took up the torch on their own, with some encouragement from hidden officers of the Order, to go after the Order's lands.   When the armies of the Dragon Lords entered the Order's lands, the Order already had time to get many supply caravans and groups ready for the trip, but no one but the Order knew where everyone was going.   The Order agreed to lead the people, and with the Dragon Lords in hot pursuit of the large populace, led them straight to Freedom's Gate on the Els'tar side.   With the population crossing through the gate and into Karenth, the Order closed the portal ending the pursuit and allowing the Order to put in place the first round of Agreement to Assist documents to the various leaders. The Order split into a few groups to help get the first cities and farms founded before returning to Ironholm to continue their research into the strange orb found within the Ironholm mine.

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