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The Prophet of Els'tar

The prophet is a fantastic being of mythology that is as much a part of everyday life as religion (although the 2 are not inseperable). The prophet, as the stories go, was a wizzened old mad that would walk the face of Els'tar and teach the people of the days to come. Much of what he taught was Confusius' wisdom, while some was prophecy. The death of magic is one of his most famous teachings, and he was banished from many of the cities for teaching such falsehoods...then one day it came, and he was blamed. No stories tell of his death, just his lies. Supposedly there are rumours in rural areas of his return. Some say he's the god of time, some say he's some old man with a wild hair up his *ss. The prophet is most famous for the teachings of wisdom, and his banishment. Everything the prophet taught has come true so far...   And while the Prophet walked the world of Els'tar a thousand years ago, and not seen since the time of magic, there has been an old wise man wandering the roads of Els'tar, and there is a similar man walking the roads of Karenth. At least that's what stories of the locals say. Is it really true? It's probably just an old wives tale so everyone would have someone to blame when magic left Els'tar.   But in every story there lingers some truth. The Prophet did exist. He did have visions that matched what really happened in Els'tar so long ago. The man who wanders the roads of both world now speaks little, but does like polite conversation. He might not even be the same man in the two worlds as old sages are often difficult to differentiate from one another with their appearance and esoteric way of speaking.

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