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Source of Entry

The Source of Entry are a set of papers that ship with large cargos when they are moved between city-states within the world. They are an agreed upon set of documents for each source of cargo, as to its exact source, person or business and to the destination for which it is bound.   The cargos size is measured in value on the open market and not the physical size of the shipment. A ship full of straw may not have a Source of Entry, although anything can be granted the documents. A small magical ring or necklace could be of such value that they will be shipped with their own Source of Entry documents.   Human consumible food will always have a Source of Entry so long as there is enough food to serve 10 or more people 2 times, so 20 servings.   The Source of Entry is provided to trade guilds, dock workers, legal authorities, and the final destination so that all parties know where the cargo has been and where it is going. Once items are consumed, the documents can be destroyed, although many people put the paper to other use.


The Source of Entry is a chain of custody of an item being traded, much like a manifest, only more detailed. The goal is to keep track of where an item has been, and who possessed it. This is especially important of artifacts.   The Order of Eight created the Source of Entry to make sure they knew where to go looking for items if something interesting is ever found.   The documents always have a source city embossed on the paper and signed by a notary or other official of note.

Document Structure

Legal status

The Sources of Entry are respected throughout the known world, as all locations know they too must provide such documents if they want to be part of the trade network. As such, no city or town refuses to be part of this chain of custody.

Record, Financial (Bill, Invoice, Fine etc)

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