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Solivin Dorsted

Solivin Dorsted is the leader of the Order of Eight, mayor of Ironholm, owner of the Solivin's Respite and Fare, and brilliant adventurer.   Solivin is a human fighter of some reknown. Now in his mid fifties, his short, straight dark hair and rough beard adorn is firm face and strong jaw. He stands a couple inches short of six feet and weighs around 200 pounds. His muscles can be seen through the loose clean, yet common clothing he normally wears. Solivin carries himself with certainty and strength, yet graceful and knowing.   Rarely does he go anywhere without his longsword on his side in a manner denoting that he knows what he is doing. And know he does for he studied from the age of six to become a member of the Order and began adventuring as an apprentice at thirteen. Numerous times he proved himself a great warrior by defeating huge crreature, and large groups of enemies.   But he is not just a master swordsman. He is an excellent leader who knows what each of his followers is skilled at and how to encourage them. But he is also a master politician, diplomat, and skilled spymaster. As the leader of the Order, he knows how to get information and has developed a spy network second to none anywhere in the two worlds. The Order had a spy network for a millenia, but it was never on the level that it is now. Solivin has used some of the key members of the Order as his Lieutenants and they are quite capable of gathering information and passing it on as needed.


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