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Porcupine Moon

In the night sky is the only moon that adorns the sky of Karenth. Known affectionately by peoples of the known world as the Porcupine Moon, the moon resembles a giant glowing porcupine when it is fulll. Throughout the cycle of the moon, it appears to be anything from a comb to a spiked fruit to a muffin with numerous points (a muffin moon if you will), to the Porcupine Moon.   Why the moon is not round in any sense of the word is a mystery to the sages and astronomers, who are quite aware of the moons circling Els'tar.   Some mystics believe the multitude of great bright points coming off the moon are the source of magic for the world. Nonsense claim the scientists and sages, all of whom believe it is some form of rock formation like really pointy mountains.   The moon is used as a reference point for travelers throughout the world. Where it appears in the night sky will tell you where you are in the world, assuming you have the necessary navigational tools, charts, and knowledge of how to use them.   The druids revere the moon and are very interested in exploring it at some point if they can ever figure out how to get there.   In addition, the moon is never a "new moon". It always projects some light depending on the time of the month.   SPOILER!
In all reality, the moon is not a natural planetoid at all. It is the remains of a giant wyrm dragon who lost its life in battle with a god. The spikes coming off the moon are the natural boney spikes protruding from the skin, back, head, tail and legs of the ancient monsterous beast. The moon is a planet unto itself, with several sentient beings living on the remains of the dragon. Most of the being is covered in rocks and trees now, as the body has decomposed and a normal ecosystem has been established. Dwarves mine the "mountains" of the dragon for the precious bone, which is used for tools and weapons, and quenched in the blood of the great beast.
Planetoid / Moon

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