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Gems and magic

Gems within Karenth can be imbued with raw magical power. They can then be added to well made items to imbue them with the power needed to have magical effects by filtering the power through a magical "lens", or through the abilities inherent in the object. Other gems can be imbued with spells and then thrown. Once the gem strikes an object, the spell goes off. This can be used for more that offensive spells like a fireball, but can be used for healing magic, illusions, or even buffing effects. Gems are exceedingly rare.   For instance, a rod used by a mage or other wielder might have a socket to add specific gems granting the rod power to act longer with whatever purpose it is imbued with, or used like a battery allowing the object to use its power a certain number of times.   Khaaya in Els'tar is a master illusionist. However she is not great about casting spells under duress or while stressed. She tends to carry numerous gems in small pockets with specific effects placed on them. Normally the spells are designed for incapacitation or scaring opponents instead of killing or permanently harming someone.   Gems come in a few different types.   Some gems are already imbued with a magical power. This will be consistent across the types of gems, but the energy might have a magical effect if thrown or used directly as a battery.   Other gems are inert when they are found and can be filled with magical energy channeled from another battery, capaciter, magic item made for the purpose, or an individual with channeling abilities.   Some ways of deploying the gems are as necklaces, throwing them with slings or sling staffs, attaching them to a striking apparatus like a club or staff. In addition to this, mounting them to well made items imbued with magic allowing for the magic of the item to make use of the battery or gem is commonly done.


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