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Djangle Bit Syndrome

Within the Central Isles are numerous villages controlled by the Pirate Federation. On several of these islands are a tropical plant known as Djangle Bit Weed. The not so notorious, or even intelligent, pirate Djangle decided to chew on the the vine of the plant while he and several of his companions were marooned on one of these islands. After several days of chewing on the vines, Djangle started hallucinating and imagined one of his friends as a large steak. Without a second thought he started biting and gnawing one of his companions. Only a sharp blow to the back of the head from another pirate got him to stop, but the companions realized that the plant may have effects from which they could profit, and thus Djangle was born from the processing of the wild vines.
  This drug can be used to create any number of different adventure hooks for your players, especially if the party is more on the seedy side, or the goody goody side.

Transmission & Vectors

Consumption of the Djangle bit vine in quantity or overdosing on Djangle leads to uncontrollable hallucinations, and may cause the user to act erratically.


Djangle bit weed contains a hallucinogenic compound that causes euphoria and sometimes serious hallucinations. It can be refined by a simple distillation and drying process.


  • Hallucination
  • Euphoria
  • Erratic behavior


The treatments of magical curing of disease, poisons or toxins will remove the effects, as will detoxing by going "cold turkey".


The cause of the condition is from the consumption of Djangle Bit Weed, Djangle, or any of the various drugs containing the hallucinogenic compounds.


Do not use any form of the drugs created from the Djangle Bit Weed.


Djangle bit syndrome is common throughout the known world. The drugs created from the weed have spread to every part of the world.

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