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Born of time, of death, of shadow and need, the derogoth were created in the early days of the world to cleanse the lands of arrogance and those of old age. Now it is but a legend of time, and found mainly in the writings of the past peoples of Karenth.

Basic Information


The Derogoth is a winged beast, 6-7 meters (20-23 feet) long. It is dark as night, its feathers and fur matted to camoflage it in the dark and shadows. It has the head of a toothed cat and wolf mix. The body is roughly feathered and matted with fur. A tail 3/4 the length off the body, 4-5 meters, is articulated and covered with a soft fur.

Genetics and Reproduction

Born of times past, the derogoth population is small. They breed but rarely but their numbers increase in times of great wars. Their numbers dwindle as food sources decrease.   They are of a magical origin, but no longer require magical assistance to propogate.

Ecology and Habitats

The derogoth reside in the dark recesses of the world. They feed in the wilds upon the old, and those who believe they are better than the rest. They wait in shadows for an opportunity to strike when their opponent is along. They consume the results of their kill and fly away.   They can be found in any areas of the world, from the hotest deserts to the coldest arctic regions.   They mate for life and will often work with their mates to kill their targets.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The derogoth only need to eat once per month, and three times that number when feeding their young.

Biological Cycle

The derogoth are born from eggs, black and scaley, usually in batches of 2-5. They take 5-6 months to hatch. Once born the kit is fed from the regurgitated kill made by the mother or father, much like many birds. They are fed in this manner for 6 months before being taught to hunt. Once taught, they leave the nest on their own.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The derogoth are loners, but live with their mates once they have taken one.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The derogoth can be found in any part of the world.

Average Intelligence

Average to below average. They are cunning when hunting.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The derogoth have perfect site in the dark or light. They can see colors and the infrared.   They can sense arrogance, haughtyness, and those who disdain their own kind. They are also able to sense the age of a creature as it relates to the targets species, knowing immediately if it would make a good meal or not.
1000-2000 years.
Conservation Status
Legendary in stories, the derogoth has not been directly seen by the modern inhabitants of Karenth.
Average Height
1.4-2.2 meters.
Average Length
6-7 meters plus another 4-5 meters for the tail.

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