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Aorian DeLince

Grand Druid of Karenth Aorian DeLince (a.k.a. Ao)

Aorian DeLince is the Grand Druid of Karenth.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Aorian DeLince, born to the Earl DeLince and his wife Gelise, grew up in a typical aristocratic setting. But it was only when Ao was outside that he felt free, and where he belonged.   When Aorian was 14, his father died leaving his older sister to inherit the title. He did however recieve the first part of his inheritance, a tidy sum by any standard. Feeling the need to flee the lifestyle he was born into, he arranged a hunting trip far away. Taking his wealth along with several retainers, Ao made his way into the wild lands of the Central Land.   The hunting trip quickly went bad when the party was set upon by several undead creatures. Everyone was killed except for Aorian and a maid named Dillia. Both of them were badly injured and left for dead. They were however found by a group of traveling druids and their entourage of rangers. The two of them were quickly healed, and feeling indebted to the nature folk, followed along on the journey of the druids. Their travels were long, and Ao and Dillia learned much from the Circle. Ao found himself learning the ways of the rangers more than that being taught by the druids, while Dillia was the opposite.   Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, and one morning, the two awoke alone in the forest. They spent the next couple days tracking the druids and rangers before finding them, and realized they had passed a test. They were given the choice to join either group they chose. Dillia joined the druids, and Ao the rangers.   Ao was assigned as the protector of Dillia and the two travelled together for a couple of years. It was not long before Ao realized he had chosen the wrong path and asked the Circle to join the druids, which they were more than happy to allow.   Being a ranger originally, and the bond that had formed between Dillia and Ao, they remained a natural pair of ranger and druid with Ao's history allowing this to happen. Shortly after this, the two of them wed at the ancient stone circle in Ironholm.   At the age of 42, Ao was made the Grand Druid of the Circle, and Dillia was given the title Mother of the Circle.   Since joining the circle, Ao and Dillia have worked together as druids protecting and nurtuing the lands of Karenth.   He never returned to his family and he was though lost until he showed up with Dillia in Ironholm. As such, he periodically appears in cities allowing his stories to return back to his home.


He was taught to read, write, history, warfare, economics, math, multiple languages, and the sports of the aristocracy. But once under the tutilage of the druids and rangers did he learn the skills that would last a lifetime.


Contacts & Relations

Ao knows most of the druids of the Druid Circle, and has visited all of the cities of the known world. As such, he has met numerous people and is aware of the Order of Eight as well as the current members.

Wealth & Financial state

Born into an aristocratic family, Aorian inherited the first portion of his wealth at the age of 14.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Grand Druid of Karenth Earl of Oasis at the Edge (honorific)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
70 kg
Other Affiliations

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