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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a rank or title that represents order in your world.
A total of 424 entries

title that reps order - basically just fantasy discord mods

Archdruid of the Circle of the Elements

Der Schwertbringer des Tellanim

New Kaigen Collective (NKC) Grand Marshal

Supreme Conduit to The Unseen One

Master Advisor (Bwa'orndi Ran'azi)

Agent (Existential Risks Directorate)

Alfène : gardien de la Voie

Abyssal Emperor, Pontiff of the Obsidian Church

The Title of the Sovereign of Arakeen

Member of the High Council of Kinilan

Taskforce Monday Containment Specialist

Senatos Dhavosi: What it Means to be a Senator

The Imperial Emperor. Ruler of the Phoenix Throne. The First Light of the Earth in Heaven. King of the Holy Island of Kuan

The Rangers of Trilenius [WASC2020]

Crown Prince/Princess of Isendree

The Knights of the Deorum Hominis

The Exalted Executioner of Khem-Ra

Third-Eye of the Daughters of Men

Senior Employee Retention Specialist

Chancellor of the Stars

Le Conseil des Sans-Visage

Summer Camp entry: "Grey Queen"

The Grand Master of the Order of the Dragon

Aevus Magna (The Magna of Time)

Commodore of the Star & Dragon Yacht Club

The Treasullor of the United Council