Ufer Brainen

Ufer Brainen is the leader of the Artifact Agreement and the Reliquaria. Ufer has been a part of the Reliquaria for several decades, originally as a member of the Archivists before being thrown into the adventuring world as part of the Relic Chasers. As Ufer gained skill and knowledge after decades in the field, he was invited to join the Reliquaria.   Working his way up through the ranks of the Reliquaria, helped by his long lifespan as a mountain dwarf, and not mining full time, eventually he became a leading researcher and guide for future expeditions. Five years ago he was summoned before the Council Reliquaria, the governing body of the Reliquaria, to become the interim acting leader of the organization while the Council looked for someone to fill the role permanently. Ufer proved himself an excellent leader and became the permanet leader of the Reliquaria, and in turn, the head of the Artifact Agreement.
Biological Sex
Dark red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

Cover image: by Elena Ivashchenko


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