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Grayton's Lot Naval Patrol

Being one of the few major trade ports in the known world, Grayton's Lot has been forced into the business of stopping piracy. Due to limited resources and a vast ocean to patrol, this has become an enormous task for the city.   Several years ago, the Grayton's Lot Navy informally spun off part of itself as the Grayton's Lot Naval Patrol. The GLNP has since become a formal part of the navy allowing the two portions of the larger organization to share resources when needed.   The GLNP is primarily tasked with patrolling the ocean and trade lanes within 200 miles of Grayton's lot. When they come upon intelligence of large gatherings of pirates or fleets of ships, the send requests to the navy to deal with them, while the GNLP will generally go after groups of three ships or less.   All of the GLNP ships are manned by professional sailors and soldiers, mostly constcripts, professional officers, and have at least magic using support member on staff. This can be a wizard, sorceror, or druid. In some cases they may have a priest if a patrol is thought to be particularly dangerous.   The GLNP shares ships with the navy, so they are often equiped with anything from fast pinaces to large war frigates or modified merchantmen. They even have a couple old gallies.


Being a part of the Grayton's Lot Navy provides the inner workings of the organization. It is led by an admiral, with several captains leading individual ships. Smaller ships are ofter led by a commander.   Discipline aboard the ships is strict but fair, and mutiny is dealt with brutally.


Patrols are usually for the period of 3-4 weeks with a week or two off, and pay at the end of a patrol. With such short "shifts" of work, sailors tend to be in good spirits. The food aboard ships is usually fresh until the end of a patrol, so moral stays high.   Work aboard the ships is constant, as the navy still does not have the resources to build a fleet of flying ships. There are plans for such ships, but the two prototypes currently in existance are still under heavy testing.

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