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Alix Merchant

Alix Merchant a mid 30s human warrior, stands about 6'6" and weighs in at 265 pounds of bulging muscle. Alix can often be found in the morning and evenings of the courtyard in Ironholm working out, often times using giggling children as weights in friendly games that occur almost every day. When not playing with the kids, he does katas with and without weapons, calistenics, and lifting heavy rocks found within the courtyard.   When not working out, Alix runs the general store, owns the warehouses in town, and can be found mingling with the caravans when they pass through town. He tends to buy and sell with the merchants on a regular basis, and as such, caravans stop by Ironholm for the night whenever they are in the area. Alix also buys information and interesting artifacts.   A charismatic man who doesn't appear threatening even with his massive size, Alix is more than capable of defending himself against almost anything. When found at the store or around town, he normally carries a long knife and a smaller knife on his belt. When he is leading the town militia in drills, he is often wearing piece platemail over chain and padded, consisting of a breast plate, pauldrons, and greaves. He normally does not wear a helmet when drilling, but will during practice. During the times when he is armored, Alix normally has a huge two handed sword hanging from his back, a small hand axe and short sword at his side, and his long and short knives.   Alix is in charge of the militia of Ironholm, and trains combat with all members of the Order of Eight, not just the inner circle of nine, but with the apprentices, journeyment, and anyone else wanting to learn how to fight.


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